Goal Diggers

Is your day filled with things that are not affiliated with your goals?  The question I would ask you is WHY in the HECK would you be doing things that are not?  This is just beyond me, but I am guilty of it as well.  If we take the time to set the goal we have to put things into play to make it happen. Things don’t happen by accident we have to be willing to put in the work and go the extra 10 miles and get it done.  Vision boards is a huge thing for the month of January but when February rolls around what have you done differently to manifest the vision.  I walk around with several notebooks full of freaking information but now this information is going to be purposed for the content of my website, books, a digital magazine and so much more.   I know have so much to offer to the world and so do you.  We are all connected we were put here to help each other.  So the goals that you are currently holding back on is just disgracing the next person that it should really touch.  You delay your destiny as well as the person you are connected to but don’t quite know there is a connection.  Don’t waste your time. Do it now.



Answers the questions below:



How far are you willing to go for yourself?  Why have you not gone there?


How do you define hardworking?

Are you afraid of what you will become?

Do you see the value in how you spend your time? What are you doing to change it?

I hope this inspires you to complete your goals and do what you were purposed to do in life.