National Handwriting Day



Celebrated every year on January 23rd

Established in 1977, this notable day is a chance for us to celebrate the act of handwriting.  

Penmanship has been lost due to technology.  By first grade I was learning the basics of cursive handwriting vs today it is somewhat obsolete.  The form of writing started by Ancient Romans were among the first to develop a written script for transactions, better known as receipts.  After the fall of the Roman Empire penmanship became a specialized discipline that primarily blossomed.

Elegant Handwriting emerged as a status symbol, and by the 1700’s penmanship schools had begun educating generations of master scribes. Copying of official documents were written or scribe by professional penman in the United States including the Constitution.  January 23rd also happens to be John Hancock’s birthday and he is one of the signers of the Constitution.  Various professions and social ranks were associated with signature handwriting styles.

Take a few moments today to pick up your pen and paper and allow someone to enjoy you hand writing.