Book Review Street Smarts From Proverbs

Street Smarts From Proverbs

How to Navigate Through Conflict to Community


From merely business to a ministry was the first line I read as opened the book to take a peek inside. Now that I have been so focused on building a business I lacked the thought of a ministry.  I truly felt as though I was in a dry season. Hearing from God was somewhat null and void as I started to focus more on business and less on God. I heard I God say in a dry season you water it with a daily word.

Mitch Kruse, the author of Street Smarts From Proverbs suggest reading Proverbs daily. Engaging daily in this book of wisdom will allow God to deposit so much more into your thought process that can be applied in your daily walk.  You must welcome humility and access your situations by knowing the difference between caught and taught.  You never want to be trapped in a lesson, it's much better to be taught in the lesson. The author takes you through his personal endeavors and how he implemented proverbs into life to navigate conflict to community.  The reminder of a step by step process that is outlined through out the book is simply based on Gods word.  I highly suggest taking the time to read this book while applying the lessons that taught to experience the transformation that God has for you.