When you hear this title most think of the song by Shirley Brown.  But in this case Woman 2 Woman is the total opposite from the song.  Being a woman we wear many hats and sometimes those hats can be layered with pain, confusion and just plain old lost.  We loose ourselves in the mist of taking care of others and mainly how others view us.  A woman rarely sees her worth due to the value has been subtracted through the giving and never really allowing herself to receive.  While attending the Woman 2 Woman event I feel every woman in the room that day received something that added more value to her life and self worth.  The feeling of being worthy amongst others that had traveled the same path but choose to become SURVIVORS and not VICTIMS. " As women we have a huge responsibility, but we must first use our ability to be responsible for ourselves".--Keshea Way  Who takes care of the caregiver?  Taking care of yourself first, yes I know this is hard to do, but in fact it must be done.  What more to give to the world than a woman who is empowered by self.


After attending the Woman 2 Woman event that was hosted by TDR Brands International and HR Brain for Hire I was inspired to never judge a book or shall I say woman by her outer appearance.  The stories that were revealed healed every woman in that room because they knew in that very moment they were not alone.  Hearing your story from a complete stranger can literally knock you off your feet.  But I know those women choose stand in that very moment and make a decision to live their LIFE>  LIVING.IN.FAITH.EVERYDAY

 Lately I have seen many post about a listening ear can also be a running mouth.  Gossip is what they call it and its not fun.  Did you know counseling is covered by your insurance?  Having someone to listen to you without judging can be a relief.  They can give you honest feedback because they are neutral and the exercises that come along with it are eye opening.  Take a look at your health insurance and utilize it to the max....You get what you pay for unless you just fail to read the information you are paying for each and every pay period.

I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, its myself —Beyonce