Lead Brand Ambassador for TDR Brands International

Where there is a will there is a WAY, and her name is Keshea.
— Keshea Way

The Aha moment…..

My name is Keshea Way and I am a motivator who inspires others to live the way they desire to lead.

This week has been an experience, no this summer has.  I vowed I would make a change and buddy did I ever.  The experiences have been none other than the Giver Of Doers.  You see I believe, receive and now achieve because I know that thru faith HE will lead me to my Destiny.

In the mist of doing what I was purposed to do Tierra Destiny and I have crossed paths.  Let me tell you she is a force to reckoned.  Dynamos a form of dynamite made with sugar and spice and everything nice.  But with truth, realness and honesty.  Everyone has the question what are you doing?  She is affiliated with Oprah, huh?  Yes she is!  Someone replied its like being next to Jesus himself.  I was quick to tell them NO!  Oprah is just like us she sleeps, eats and breathe.  The focus is not on Oprah the focus is “Belief”  what do you believe and how does is affect your purpose?

We are all here to serve one another and that is what Oprah is doing.  Being obedient to her call to serve.

As the Lead Brand Ambassador, TDR is the reason I promote for this brand.  They have pushed me to look beyond the mirror.  Through obedience and service for the Giver of Doers we are all put here to serve one another.  So the promoting I do is through service, I know what has been attracted through the connection.  Gifts, Talents and being obedient to HIS word….