My name is Keshea P. Way I am a grateful wife and mother of 2, I motivate and inspire others to live the way they desire to lead.  I am the CEO of TAUGHT BY FAITH where believing is knowing and knowing is believing.  I assist emerging and existing leaders with balance in their Everyday Living.  A new WAY of existing with balance and a self profound WAY of going to the next level with the home front.  The WAY I deliver is through exercises and practices that give you the boost to excel along with emerging. I am ambitious about seeing a positive solution to making decisions in life that are intentional and with purpose.  Following your intuition on life’s journey while building healthy relationships will lead you to understanding yourself as well as restoring self-worth and gaining clarity.  Knowing that your world is a reflection of what goes on inside of you.  I want to motivate and inspire you to be a self production and a student of life’s lessons.  When you are who you say you are; your actions must align with those words.

 Lastly I am encouraged to be TAUGHT BY FAITH and I know my words of encouragement and thought process will inspire you to be TAUGHT BY FAITH.